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B.J. (John) Detroy

Born in Illinois and raised in Wisconsin, John has lived throughout the country and settled in Texas in 2011 after 21 years in Hawaii.  His Education includes several colleges and trade schools, including the University of Wisconsin, Troy State (AL), Alabama Aviation and Technical College, University of Alaska, and the Electronics Institute (HI).

John’s vast work experience includes Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, Union Carpenter & Millwright, Machinist, Mechanic, Sales, Dive Fishery Research and Professional Diver.

As an Army Veteran and someone who spent almost a year outside of society, he has a heartfelt desire to help fellow Veterans, the homeless, and others in need.  He is also an Endowed Member of the Masonic Lodge in two states. 
John and his wife have been married for over 24 years and he loves to spend time with his children, design and build many things, diving, flying and travel.


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