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Wes Bell

Executive Director


Wes is currently serving as RHN Executive Director and has also been the Executive Director of Kirbyville Housing Authority (DBA “Pecan Grove”) since 1997, after previously serving on the staff of Jasper Newton Electric Co-op for almost eleven years. He has served in numerous board and officer positions for statewide housing associations [including Texas Housing Association (THA) and the Texas Chapter of NAHRO (National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials)], his church, and other entities. During his career, he has created several successful and innovative programs for which he received state and national recognition.


Throughout his career in the low-income housing industry, the electric co-op, and previous work with MHMR, he has counseled, housed, served as liaison, and worked on a personal level with the homeless, near-homeless and those struggling with personal issues on every level.  His heart for others in need and with little hope has driven him to continually set new goals for improving services and opportunities for others in the community. He has successfully written and implemented millions in grants, addressing needs related to energy, housing, security and beyond.


The son of an Air Force pilot killed in action, and father of two career military sons, Wes has also developed a big heart for Veterans, fueling his desire to help make Veteran’s Village 

(RHN’s first project) a reality.


            Wes earned a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from McMurry University, graduated Dresser             Industries International Engineering Program, is a Certified Energy Auditor, Certified Public             Housing Manager, and has completed additional certification programs at Oklahoma State             University, Texas A&M University, and multiple certifications in housing industry curricula,             executive management, grant writing and other programs. 

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